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Travian Wiki is an encyclopedia all about the game Travian. It is hosted by Wikia, and currently has 318 articles. It has been around since 2007, and has seen many users come to help the cause. Being a wiki about a game, it is part of Wikia's Gaming hub, but is over shadowed by bigger wikis such as RuneScape Wikia, WoWWiki, Halo Nation and many others. With your help, we could be like them.

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Romans is one of three tribes of Travian and is usually the most popular tribe (40-50% players of each server are Romans). They are very balanced and strong in both attacks and defense. Roman troops are considered the elite of the game in which every individual is strong (similar to Protoss in Starcraft). Therefore, Roman army is high in quality but low in quantity and consumes much less crop than other tribes' army. However, to compensate that, most Roman troops are trained very long and their training is very expensive. Their infantry includes the strongest defenders against enemy infantry, but their defense against enemy cavalry isn't as good as that of the best Teuton infantry.


  • Can raise or extend a building and resource field simultaneously (with Plus, they can do 2 buildings/ 1 field and vice versa)
  • High defense-bonus due to the city wall
  • Best (speed, wheat consuming and defense included in this term) infantry, cavalry slightly behind the Gaulic ones but better than Teutonic ones due to unbalance(3.5)
  • Crop-wise speaking, Roman troops provide the best stats for each crop consumed and therefore, Roman is the best tribe in late game (in late game, most resources are abundant except crop). In late game, a developed Roman has the best infantry defender (Praetorian), the best infantry attacker (Imperian), the best cavalry attackers (both Equites Imperatoris, Equites Caesaris), the best scout (Equites Legati) and the 2nd best raider (Equites Imperatoris after Gauls' Theutates Thunder)
  • A fully upgraded Horse Drinking Pool (3.5) can reduce the wheat consumption of calvary by 1 wheat, making Equites Caesaris perhaps the most powerful calvary in terms of attack per wheat consumption (60 attack/1 wheat consumption)
  • Romans usually have the best infantry defense in the game. Romans have the best infantry defender Praetorian while his partner Legionnaire also has 35 infantry defense which is quite good for a cavalry defender. Moreover, most hammers usually heavily focus on infantry rather than cavalry.
  • Roman chief (Senator) is the best in the game.

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