Travian 4 (now known as Travian: Legends) was a large update to Travian that introduced new graphics and overhauled to the hero system.

New featuresEdit

  • Completely new graphical interface
  • Adventures for Heros
  • Hero Equipment & Silver currency rewards
  • Auction House for Hero Equipment
  • Rally point: only 5 troop movements (attacks, raids and reinforcement orders) per building level
  • Status icons for reports, to identify easy attacks without losses, trades etc
  • Research loop for armoury and blacksmith
  • Enough resources at.... and "capacity" after raids shown without PLUS (and for academy, armoury and blacksmith)
  • Direct link to the NPC trade
  • Direct link to "instant build"
  • 10% off and def bonus removed (only NEW Servers)
  • PLUS cost down from 15 gold to 10 (only NEW Servers)
  • Graphics for artefact's and resource fields
  • Village and link panel can be collapsed

Gold Club:

  • Gold Club costs 100 Gold for whole server time.
  • If the server is more than 250 days old, the Gold Club price is reduced by 1 gold for each additional day (minimum price is 1 gold)
  • Master builder prepare three more buildings in loop even without enough resources, cost 1 gold for each

Features of the Gold Club:

  • Merchants run three times (if selected)
  • Farm list - you can setup to easy find and attack your farms
  • 15 and 9 cropper finder with oasis bonuses filter
  • Farm statistics easy overview how effective your raids to a specific village have been

Features formerly in the PLUS Account, now free for all players:

  • Enough resources at.... shown without PLUS (also for academy, armory and blacksmith)

Changes for the PLUS Account:

  • Lowered price for PLUS Account from 15 gold to 10
  • Research loop for armoury and blacksmith
  • 10% off and def bonus removed (to remove the possibility to buy a combat bonus for Gold)