Travian 3.5 was preceded by Travian 3.0 and succeded by Travian 3.6

Travian 3.5 added new combinations for resource tiles: 3-4-4-7/3-5-4-6/4-3-4-7/4-3-5-6/4-4-3-7/5-4-3-6(Wood-Clay-Iron-Crop)

Buildings: Travian 3.5 added/improved all of the tribe specific buildings Brewery In the Teuton’s brewery mead is brewed the soldiers drink to give themselves Dutch courage before battle. The further the brewery is extended, the greater is the attack bonus. The mead-festivals always last 72 hours.

Characteristics • Attack bonus +1% per level while celebration is in progress • During the celebration the chiefs’ power of persuasion is decreased by 50% and catapults can only do random hits. The building can only be constructed in the capital but affects the whole empire. • The building can only be constructed by Teutons. • Maximum level 10

Prerequisites • Granary level 20 • Rally point level 10

Construction costs and time: Brewery • Level 1: 1460 Wood, 930 Clay, 1250 Iron, 1740 Crop ➜ Construction time: 2:13:20 hours • Level 10: 30165 Wood, 19215 Clay, 25825 Iron, 35950 Crop ➜ Construction time: 11:22:10 hours Construction costs and duration: Mead-Festival • 3870 Wood, 1680 Clay, 215 Iron, 10900 Crop ➜ Duration: 72:00:00 hours

Horse watering Place The Horse watering Place of the Romans decreases the training time of cavalry and the upkeep of these troops as well. Also it can be built in Roman wonder of the world villages.

Characteristics • Per level the training time of cavalry is decreased by 1%. • The Horse watering Place decreases upkeep of all Roman cavalry in the village. • Starting with level 10: Equites Legati upkeep is reduced by 1 unit • Starting with level 15: Equites Imperatoris upkeep is reduced by 1 unit • Starting with level 20: Equites Caesaris upkeep is reduced by 1 unit • This building can only be constructed by Romans • Maximum level 20

Requirements • Stable level 20 • Rally Point level 10

Construction costs and time: Horse watering Place • Level 1: 780 Wood, 420 Clay, 660 Iron, 540 Crop ➜ Construction time: 0:36:40 hours • Level 20: 84935 Wood, 45735 Clay, 71870 Iron, 58800 Crop ➜ Construction time: 26:41:10 hours

Trapper The improved Trapper of the Gauls can build up to 400 traps instead of 200 at level 20. If the player releases all prisoners voluntarily, all traps will be repaired. Construction time and repair time are increased significantly, though. The costs for traps and the Trapper have not been changed. The trapper can be constructed more than once in each village once the first is at level 20.

Characteristics • Can build up to 400 instead of 200 traps • Construction and repair time for traps have been doubled • Full repair of traps in case one voluntarily sets the troops free • More than one trapper can be built in each village ===Other=== The graphics, map and statistics were all improved as well.

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