Travian is a massively multiplayer online browser-based game developed by Travian Games GmbH based on Tribal Wars. In 2006, the game was ranked first in the "best browser-based game with over 10,000 players" category of the German Superbrowsergame Award, a browser-game award by the website GamesDynamite. The game's developers drew roughly from Classical antiquity and particularly from the Roman Empire to create a predominantly militaristic real-time strategy. Along with two English versions, and the original German version, the game has been translated into 40 other languages and today has well over 3 million players worldwide. It is programmed in PHP and runs by definition in the browser. It was the first game of its type to be playable through a mobile phone, using a Java platform.

The Game Edit

The player starts as a leader of a small village, with one building (the "main building") and some fields that produce resources. Once having fulfilled certain criteria, the player can found other villages or conquer those of an enemy.

Troops can be produced once a player has a barracks. These can be used:

  1. to attack villages in order to steal resources and/or damage its improvements
  2. to defend against attacking troops
  3. to reinforce any other village, helping defend it against attack

ion of World Wonders. The game ends when a player has finished constructing a wonder.

There are three tribes: the Gauls, the Romans, and the Teutons. Each has its own characteristics and an appropriate style of play: the Gauls being largely defensive, the Romans having a balanced set of attributes, and the Teutons geared towards a more aggressive style.

Alliances Edit

The game is geared towards cooperative play - resources can be traded between players and towns can be reinforced with other players' troops.

An in-game alliance feature is also available, providing the main catalyst for strategic play within Travian; players join and fight together for mutual benefit. Within an alliance, players can view attack and defence information for all alliance members, and also benefit from improved communication tools such as "Chat", forums, and mass alliance-wide in-game messages.

Because the maximum number of members in an alliance is 60, 'wings' tend to form as an alliance develops. From very early in the life of a server, different alliances often join together, each pairing being a formally recognised confederation, which can be automatically listed as a clickable link on each alliance's public page. One or both of the members of a confederation may declare that one is a wing of the other. It is not unknown for an alliance to declare itself a wing of two or more other alliances.

Other diplomatic agreements include NAPs (Non-Aggression Pacts), which list similarly and have little or no practical difference but do not carry any implication to supply reinforcements or attack an outside aggressor.

Financing Edit

Travian is financed by advertising and by encouraging players to upgrade accounts with Travian Plus. Faced with further financial difficulties of maintaining Travian, a further Gold feature was introduced, which was met with controversy. While Travian Plus offers many features which smooth and speed

Rules Edit

The rules of Travian basically serve to prohibit the use of multiple accounts on a server by a single person, since that would give unfair advantages. Unpaid volunteers called Multi-Hunters (MHs) continually examine game activity logs to look for possible rule violations.