Teutons are the most funky tribe and the most successful raiders. Almost all successful hammers in the end game are teutons . But don't get this gleaming fact get you. Read below and decide your compatibility with teutons first.

Their infantry are the best in the game for their purpose. This, unfortunately comes at the cost of their cavalry being the worst in the game. Teuton Hero allows raiding parties accompanied by him to loot resources off crannies, acting as if their capacity were 20% lower than usual (a cranny with a 1000 resources limit would only hide up to 800 when attacked by Teuton Hero). This plunder bonus can be increased by having either the Pouch, Bag or Sack of the Thief equipped.

Troops Att-Pwr Def-I Def-C Wood-small Clay-small Iron-small Crop-small Speed Capacity Pop-small
Macemen 40 20 5 95 75 40 40 7 60 1
Spearman 10 35 60 145 70 85 40 7 40 1
Axeman 60 30 30 130 120 170 70 6 50 1
Scout 0 10 5 160 100 50 50 9 0 1
Paladin 55 100 40 370 270 290 75 10 110 2
Teutonic Knight 150 50 75 450 515 480 80 9 80 3
Ram 65 30 80 1000 300 350 70 4 0 3
Catapult 50 60 10 900 1200 600 60 3 0 6
Chief 40 60 40 35500 26600 25000 27200 4 0 4
Settler 10 80 80 5800 4400 4600 5200 5 3000 1

Macemen (Clubswinger)Edit

Macemen are a raiding unit with medium attack. Macemen are useful in the early stages of the game due to the fact that they are cheap to build and can be trained quickly. However their defence is poor especially against cavalry.

Some players prefer them to be best in offense per cost per time per upkeep and per attack value. Even their capacity is medium. But if they are attacked by any cavalry they die off like flies. It is this reason that they should never be use for defence, specially when cavalry is attacking.

A mace hammer can be built very quickly but has a higher upkeep than Axemen.

Spearman Edit



When it comes to defending against cavalry, the Teutonic Spearman is the best among all three tribes.

Axeman Edit



An Axeman is the Teuton's strongest combative infantry unit. Note that both the Gaul and Roman offense focused infantry are stronger, and the Roman Imperian is faster. However, once again, Axeman is cheaper than Swordsman and Imperian, and it's training time is also faster compared with the other two.

Scout Edit



Teutons are the only tribe whose scouts are infantry, meaning they are the 1st tribe to have them. With an upkeep cost of 1, Teutonic scouts are greatly favored as defensive scouts. They also tie for cheapest-to-build scout with the Romans' Equites Legati. They only require an Academy level 1, Barracks level 3 & Main Building level 5. Scouts are good for knowing an opponent's resource, troop, & defence levels; however, they are a lot slower than the Roman and Gallic counterparts, because they move on foot.

Cavalry Edit

Paladin Edit

The Paladin is the Teutons' first mounted unit. Sadly, he is also one of the slowest and weakest since his attack is only 55, making him the second to worst mounted unit attack--wise.


However, he has the 2nd highest defense against infantry, and, as a bonus, he is also the cheapest. For defense vs. infantry to cost ratio he has the 4th highest, a 10.05:1, compared to the Gauls' 7.88:1 (Phalanx) or the Romans' 7.07:1 (Praetorian). What this unit has that the other 2 do not, is a good carrying capacity for raiding.


Teutonic Knight Edit

This unit is the Teutons' highest combat value unit, although not the highest Combat

Teuton Knight

cost ratio (10.17). However, it has the highest combat cost ratio of all mounted units. It is also the second strongest cavalry unit in the game. He can quickly decimate any defensive forces.

Siege weapons Edit

Ram Edit

Teutons have the cheapest Ram in the game (1720, compared to the Romans' 1830 & Gauls' 1910). All rams move at the same speed, 4/hour. All rams are as effective at destroying walls - the same amount of Teuton rams are needed to destroy a wall as Roman or Gaul rams - but the Teuton ram has more attack power, trains more quickly than Roman and Gaul rams and is the cheapest. Because of this most WW ram hammers are made by Teutons.

Catapult Edit

Teutons have the cheapest Catapult in the game (2760, compared to the Romans' 2990 & Gauls' 3130), but they have the least attack: only 50. (Romans do 75 attack) (Gauls do 70 attack). All catapults move at the same speed, 3/hour. Like rams, all catapults are as effective at destroying buildings - for example 53 catapults are necessary to destroy a level 20 building, assuming no defending troops or stonemason / durability artefact.

Skill with crannies Edit

Whereas a cranny hides its full contents from Gauls or Romans, a Teuton can steal anything from the top 20%* of the total cranny space for each resource.

(What this actually means: The cranny protection of an enemy village is multiplied by 0.8 when attacked by a Teuton.)

*20% for version 3.5 and above.

*20% for version 4, but MUST have the hero in the army

Strategy Edit

Consider yourself like a bee hive: you have a lot of small units each whose sting is debilitating. The best defence is a good offence. Your troops have the best attack:cost ratio in the game, as well as the best cavalry defence:cost ratio. This translates into ass-kicking in the beginning & end of the game. You only suffer mid game, when you have no real strong points that other people can't defend against.

Early game Edit

Since Travian 4.4 it is impossible to raid players in the first 5 days due to beginner's protection, which you can no longer cancel. Unlike what old guides say, you should build resource fields but make sure to start training clubswingers before your beginner's protection ends. If you use gold, you can buy cages from the auction house to clear oases and then raid them with clubswingers, so you should build troops earlier if you are a gold user. Train as many clubswingers as you need to raid with, but make sure that your troops are always out raiding. If you are not active enough to raid, or have a lot of competition for farms, you're better off building resource fields as they always pay for themselves.

You want to settle a 15 cropper with a high oasis boost. This oasis boost is incredibly important - when your fields are at higher levels an extra 25% oasis boost can mean as much as 10,000 resources (even higher if you use great storage to get your fields beyond level 19). Don't settle in the grey zone, as the culture points restriction is a huge setback.

Since T4.4 a simming strategy has become far more viable, as with NPC trading and the production bonuses you can get a second village in about 8 days on a normal server (extended beginner's protection lasts that long, so you won't be farmed) and 2 or 3 days on a speed server, provided you don't waste resources on anything unnecessary and your hero produces mixed resources with almost all points on resources. This means it is no longer necessary to train a lot of clubswingers

Extra Edit

Although the cost of troops are low, Teuton Settlers are the most expensive and time-consuming to produce among three tribes.

Teuton settlers

Complete Ram Table Edit

This table lists the number of rams necessary to completely destroy a wall of a given type and level, given that all Rams survive the attack and the rams do not have any Blacksmith upgrades.

Wall Level Rams to Destroy Earth Wall Rams to Destroy Palisade Rams to Destroy City Wall
1 1 1 1
2 4 2 2
3 8 4 2
4 13 6 3
5 19 8 4
6 27 11 6
7 36 15 8
8 46 19 10
9 57 23 12
10 69 28 14
11 83 34 17
12 98 40 20
13 114 46 23
14 132 53 27
15 151 61 31
16 171 69 35
17 192 77 39
18 214 86 43
19 238 96 48
20 263 106


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