Battle tasksEdit

Battle 01Edit

next adventure: start your second adventure

30 experience points

Battle 02 cranny: have a cranny

Rewards: Wood-small130 Clay-small150 Iron-small120 Crop-small100

Battle 03Edit

barracks: have barracks

Rewards: Wood-small110 Clay-small140 Iron-small160 Crop-small30

Battle 04Edit

hero level: have hero level 1 or higher and spend a skill point

Rewards: Wood-small190 Clay-small250 Iron-small150 Crop-small110

Battle 05Edit

train troops: have 2 or more troops of troop type 1 (=club swingers/phalanxes/legionnaires)

Note that the system detects if you own such troops, rather than training. It is possible to receive such troops through adventures of the hero

1 cage

Battle 06Edit

wall: have a wall

Rewards: Wood-small120 Clay-small120 Iron-small90 Crop-small50

Battle 07Edit

oasis: start a raid against an oasis

2 basic troop units

Battle 08Edit

10 adventures: succeed 10 adventures

500 silver

Battle 09Edit

auctions: start a new auction or bid on an auction

Rewards: Wood-small280 Clay-small120 Iron-small220 Crop-small110

Battle 10Edit

barracks level 3: have barracks level 3 or higher

Rewards: Wood-small440 Clay-small290 Iron-small430 Crop-small240

Battle 11Edit

academy: have an academy

Rewards: Wood-small210 Clay-small170 Iron-small245 Crop-small115

Battle 12Edit

research troops: finish researching a troop type

Rewards: Wood-small450 Clay-small435 Iron-small515 Crop-small550Edit

Battle 13Edit

smithy: have a smithy

Rewards: Wood-small500 Clay-small400 Iron-small700 Crop-small400

Battle 14Edit

upgrade troops: finish upgrading a troop type

Rewards: 10 small bandages

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