When a player is going to be away for an extended amount of time, or if the player is not active and does not have any duals, the player will usually organize a sitter. A sitter can access a player's account with their own password and make changes such as upgrading resource fields, upgrading buildings, launching raids and sending reinforcements and even creating a new village.

How to sit for someone Edit

To sit for someone you must be assigned by that individual as a sitter. After you are assigned as a sitter (it will show on the account profile tab), you will need to log in using their exact username and your current password. The player you are sitting for, can take you off as sitter anytime he wants. You can max be sitter for 2 players.

Restrictions Edit

A sitter does not have the ability to access any special privileges. They cannot change the player's alliance or remove the player from an alliance, but they may join an alliance. The sitter does not have the ability to change the player's profile, so they cannot change village names. The owner of the account can also check off options to limit sitter activities on the account(sending resources to villages not owned by the player, sending reinforcements,sending raids , and buying and spending gold.)

Rules Edit

According to Travian game rules a sitter may not be the sole tender of an account for more than 2 weeks continuously. It is unknown if this rule has been enforced, however it has been know for sitters to be the sole tender of an account for more than a month continuously despite the rule. There may be up to two sitters on any account. No sitter should log into the sittee's account with the official account password otherwise both players are guilty of the violation of the multi account rule..

What a sitter is not Edit

There is some confusion as the the difference between a dual account and a sitter. A sitter is an officially recognized position under a player's profile options. A dual account is a rules-compliant but unrecognized position by the Travian software. A dual account is a single account shared between 2 or more players that share the same login information. Dual account players must only have one account per server between them or they are in violation of the multi account rule.