Shadow legions/S~L is an alliance on com7.

The Shadow legions were said to be warriors that are undetectable. They would fight wars without the foe knowing they were bieng killed.

Here are the ranks

1)Shadow king 2)Shadow commander 3)Shadow Warrior 4)Shadowfoot 5)Shadow sneaker 6)Shadow assassin 7)Shadow Legion 8)Shadow Brawler 9)Shadow dog

My alliance do not tolerate members attacking eachother. Accounts not checked for over 2 days. If you wish to join my growing alliance contact pg2 on travian

The actual alliance is nothing compared to the order of shadowfoot S~L is just it's home. All the order of shadoowfoot stuff for reasons i can not tell you what it is only members know ( if you want to join contact pg2 on travian).

I am on a quest. A quest to meet the strongest,most expirienced players on server 7, and gather them for something very special.