Settlers are units that are used to create new villages. They are expensive for a single unit (Gallic settlers are 10% cheaper and train 25% faster), but are necessary to expand your empire. They must be created in a level 10 or higher palace or residence. If you wish to use settlers to your advantage, you must:

  1. Train 3 of them in your palace or residence (the training times given on the right hand side is the total time to train all 3 settlers).
  2. Ensure that you have 750 of each resource for them to carry, between them otherwise you will have to wait for a bit or send some from another village etc.
  3. Make sure you have enough Culture points(you can check how many culture points are needed for a new village/conquering in your residence/palace)
  4. Select an empty square on the map where you wish your next village to be.
  5. Select the option that will allow you to settle a village there.
  6. Confirm this action and your settlers will be sent out to create a village there.

They disappear after they are used, and new ones must be made for another village.

Note: A level 10 palace or residence is needed to train settlers, one at a time. When you send out settlers from a village, you must then upgrade the palace to level 15, or the residence to level 20 for the next three settlers. Only 3 sets of settlers can be created from a single palace (and only two from a residence). Fear not though: you can build a residence in one of your new villages and continue the process from there.

Settlers have little attack or defense, and are usually killed when the village they are sitting in is attacked. You will need troops to defend them, or send them off as a reinforcement to another stronger village, or use them as part of a raiding army (where they are rather slow but carry an amazing 3,000 resources each) and then re-call them when ready to make your village. You can also get them trapped in a friendly Gaul's traps safely hidden there until you need them.

If your new village is destroyed, you will be permitted to train 3 new settlers where your previous 3 were trained. This also comes with no culture point penalty