For T4 quests, see tasks (t4).

T3.6 QuestsEdit

Quest 1: Woodcutter Edit

"Around your village there are four green forests. Construct a Woodcutter on one of them. Lumber is an important resource for our new settlement.”
Order: Extend one Woodcutter
Task reward: Automatic completion of the woodcutter.

Quest 2: Wheat Edit

„Now your citizens are hungry from working all day. Extend a cropland to improve your supply. Come back here once the building is complete.”

"Very good. Now your subjects have enough crop to eat again..."

Your reward: Wood-small50 Clay-small60 Iron-small30 Crop-small10

Quest 3: Your village's name Edit

Creative as you are, you can grant your village the ultimate name. Click on 'Profile' then, on the left hand menu and then select 'Change profile'... Wow, what a great name for your village. Could have been my idea!"

Your reward: Wood-small 30 Clay-small 60 Iron-small 30 Crop-small 20

Quest 4: Other players Edit

"In Travian you play along with millions of other players. Click 'Statistics' from the menu at the top of your screen to look up your rank and enter it here:"&nbsp -- "Exactly! That's your rank."

Your reward: Wood-small 40 Clay-small 30 Iron-small 20 Crop-small 30

Quest 5: Two Building Orders Edit

"Build an Iron Mine and a Clay Pit. You can never have enough Iron and Clay.

Thanks to the Plus-Account I gave to you a short while ago, you can give both orders right away."

Order: (A) Extend one Iron Mine (B) Extend one Clay Pit -- "As you noticed, building orders take rather long. The world of Travian will continue to spin n if you are offline. Even in a few months there will be many new things for your to discover.

The best thing to do is occasionally checking your village and giving you subjects new tasks to do."

Your reward: Wood-small 50 Clay-small 60 Iron-small 30 Crop-small 30

Quest 6: Messages Edit

Task: Read the message the taskmaster sent you.

Note: This is a computer generated message, a reply is not necessary as it will not be answered.

Quest 7: Neighbors Edit

"Around you there are many different villages. One of them is named X.

Click 'Map' on the menu at the top of your screen and look for that village. The name of your neighbors' villages can be seen once you hover your mouse over any of them."

Order: Look for the coordinates of X and enter them here. -- "Yes, that's where X is located!

Your reward: Wood-small 60 Clay-small 30 Iron-small 40 Crop-small 90

--> X = Strongest player in your 7x7 viaalge

Quest 8: Huge Army Edit

"Now I've got a very special quest for you. I am hungry. Give me 200 wheat!

In return, I will try to organize a huge army to protect your village."

Order: Give the questmaster 200 wheat-- "Mmm, delicious. Thank you very much for this generous meal. Now I will take care of the promised army. This might take a few hours though."

Your reward: Huge army (a single rat)

Quest 9: One each. Edit

"In Travian there is always something to do! While you are waiting for your new army, extend one additional Woodcutter, Clay Pit, Iron Mine and Wheat Field to level 1."

Order: Extend one more resource tile each to level 1. -- "Very good, your resource production is thriving now.

Soon we can start to construct buildings in the village."

Your reward: Wood-small 100 Clay-small 80 Iron-small 40 Crop-small 40

Quest 10: Coming Soon! Edit

"Now there is time for a small break until the gigantic army I sent you arrives.

Until then you can explore the map or extend a few resource tiles." -- "Hm. Strange, that was the cheapest army to be found. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the small print...

How can I right that wrong..."

Your reward: 2 Days Travian Plus

Quest 11: Reports Edit

"Every time something important happens to your account you will receive a report. You can see these by clicking on the left half of the 5th button (from left to right). Read the report and come back here."

Order: Read your latest report -- "Yes, exactly. This was the correct report!"

Your reward: Wood-small 75 Clay-small 140 Iron-small 40 Crop-small 230

Quest 12: Everything to 1! Edit

"Now we should increase your resource production a bit. Extend all your resource tiles to level 1."

Order: Extend all resource tiles to level 1. -- "Very good, your resource production is thriving.

Soon we can start with constructing buildings in the village."

Your reward: Wood-small 75 Clay-small 80 Iron-small 90 Crop-small 50

Quest 14: Build a Cranny Edit

"It's time to build a cranny. The world of Travian is a dangerous place.

Many players survive by stealing other players' resources. Build a Cranny to hide and protect at least part of your resources from enemy attacks." -- "Well done, now it will be much harder for your fellow players to plunder your village.

If under attack, your villagers will hide the resources in the Cranny all on their own. Please be aware that teutons can steal more resources from a cranny than any other tribe. Gauls on the other hand have bigger crannies that hide more resources than the other tribes!

Your reward: Wood-small 125 Clay-small 185 Iron-small 230 Crop-small 130

Quest 15: To TwoEdit

"In Travian there is always something to do! Extend one woodcutter, one clay pit, one iron mine and one cropland to level 2 each.”

Order: Extend one of each resource tile to level 2.

Your Reward : Wood-small 60 Clay-small 50 Iron-small '40' Crop-small'30'

Quest 16: Instructions Edit

"In the In-game instructions you can find short information texts about different buildings and types of units. Click on 'instructions' at the left and find out how much lumber is required for the barracks.”

Order: Enter how much lumber barracks cost." (Wood-small 210)

Your reward: Wood-small 50 Clay-small 30 Iron-small 60 Crop-small 20

Quest 17: Main Building Edit

"Your master builders need a Main Building level 3 to construct important buildings such as the Marketplace and Barracks"

Order: Extend your main building to level 3.

"Well done. The Main Building level 3 has been completed

With this upgrade, your master builders cannot only construct more types of buildings, but will also do so faster."

Your reward: Wood-small 75 Clay-small 75 Iron-small 40 Crop-small 40

Quest 18: Advanced! Edit

"Look up your rank in the player statistics again and enjoy your progress." -- "Well done! That's your current rank."

Your reward: Wood-small 100 Clay-small 90 Iron-small 100 Crop-small 60

Quest 19 Edit

The player must choose between two paths, Economy (E) or Military (M).

(M) Quest 19: Military Edit

"A brave decision. To be able to send troops, you need a Rally Point.

The Rally Point can only be built on a specific building site. The building site is located on the right side of the Main Building, slightly below it. The building site itself is curved in shape." -- "Your Rally Point has been constructed! A good move towards world domination!"

Your reward: Wood-small 80 Clay-small 90 Iron-small 60 Crop-small 40

(E) Quest 19: Economy Edit

"Trade & Economy was your choice. Golden times await you for sure!" -- "Well done! With the Granary you can store

Your reward: Wood-small 80 Clay-small 90 Iron-small 60 Crop-small 40

(M) Quest 20: Barracks Edit

"Now you have a Main Building level 3 and a Rally Point. That means that all prerequisites for building a Barracks have been fulfilled.

In the Barracks you can train troops for fighting." -- "Well done... The best instructors from the entire country have been gathered to train your men to fight in top form."

Your reward: Wood-small 70 Clay-small 100 Iron-small 90 Crop-small 100

(E) Quest 20: Warehouse Edit

"Not only wheat has to be saved. Other resources can go to waste as well if they are not stored correctly. Construct a Warehouse!" -- "Well done, your Warehouse is complete...

Now you have fulfilled all prerequisites required to construct a Marketplace."

Your reward: Wood-small 70 Clay-small 120 Iron-small 90 Crop-small 50

(M) Quest 21: Train! Edit

"Now that you have a Barracks, you can start training troops. Train two of The basic infantry (foot troops) are:

"The foundation for your glorious army has been laid. Before seeing your army off to plunder, you should check the combat simulator to see how many troops you need to successfully fight enemy units."

Your reward: Wood-small 300Clay-small 320Iron-small 360 Crop-small 370

(E) Quest 21: Marketplace Edit

"Construct a Marketplace so you can trade with your fellow players."

"The Marketplace has been completed. Now you can make offers of your own and accept foreign offers! When creating your own offers, you should think about offering what other players need most to get more profit."

Your reward: Wood-small 200 Clay-small 200 Iron-small 700 Crop-small 450

Random one of Lumber, clay or Iron is 700.

This quest is only for those who have chosen "Trade & Economy"

Quest 22: Everything to 2 Edit

"Now it's time again to extend the cornerstones of might and wealth! This time level 1 is not enough... it will take a while, but in the end it will be worth it. Extend all your resource tiles to level 2!" -- "Congratulations! Your village grows and thrives..."

Your reward: 15 Gold

Have fun, with your new village!

Your reward: 15 Gold

Quest 23: Invite a Friend Edit

This quests asks you how much gold you would receive from inviting a friend. You can check this by clicking the Earn Gold link in the Plus section or just enter 50.

(on servers which do not have referral program this quest will be skipped)

Your reward: Wood-small 80 Clay-small 70 Iron-small 60 Crop-small40

Quest 24: Embassy Edit

"The world of Travian is dangerous. You already built a cranny to protect you against attackers. A good alliance will give you even better protection. To accept invitations from alliances, build an embassy."

Order: Build an embassy.

"Well done, the construction of your embassy is finished."

Your reward: Wood-small 100 Clay-small 60 Iron-small 90 Crop-small 40

Quest 25: Alliance Edit

"Teamwork is important in Travian. Players who work together organise themselves in alliances.
Get an invitation from an alliance in your region and join this alliance.
Alternatively you can found your own alliance. For this you need an embassy level 3."

Order: Join an alliance or found your own alliance.

"Fantastic. Without an alliance it is nearly impossible to survive in Travian. It is important to be in a good alliance.

You finished your last quest and to congratulate you, the citizens of Travian are holding a feast in your honour. Now you have to continue on your own.

As a parting present I will give you some gold for you to spend at your leisure. You can use it to increase your production or extend your Plus Account. Have fun with it!"

Your reward: Wood-small 120 Clay-small 140 Iron-small 90 Crop-small 50

Choosing not to do Quests Edit

When asked if you would like to do quests and you select no, after confirming you are presented with this table by the questmaster.

your resource deliveries
delivery delivery time status
1 1 day Travian Plus 15 Gold 0:00:00 fetch
2 Wood-small217 Clay-small247 Iron-small177 Crop-small207 10:00:00 on hold
3 Wood-small217 Clay-small247 Iron-small177 Crop-small207 10:00:00 on hold
4 Wood-small217 Clay-small247 Iron-small177 Crop-small207 10:00:00 on hold
5 Wood-small217 Clay-small247 Iron-small177 Crop-small207 10:00:00 on hold

Wood-small217 Clay-small247 Iron-small177 Crop-small207

10:00:00 on hold
7 2 days Travian Plus 20 Gold 10:00:00 on hold

So you can instantly claim 1 days Travian Plus and 15 Gold and can collect the amounts of each resource shown every 10 hours. Note that once a timer decreases to zero the next timer does not start until you collect the resources from the questmaster.

One of the main drawbacks of choosing not to do the quests, is that if you don't know what to do, new players could get very lost.

T4 TasksEdit


Tutorial 01: WelcomeEdit

Describes taskmaster and Tutorial. You can continue or skip Tutorial.



Tutorial 02: Tasks & tipsEdit

Introduces task popup and tip button.


Instantly constructs a level 1 clay pit.

Tutorial 03: Build a woodcutterEdit

Describes the importance of resources


Instantly constructs a level 1 woodcutter.

Tutorial 04: Upgrade a woodcutterEdit

Describes relation of resource field level and production.


Instantly constructs a level 2 woodcutter.

Tutorial 05: Crop fieldEdit

Describes free crop.


Instantly constructs and upgrades a level 2 crop field.

Tutorial 06: Hero productionEdit

Introduces hero production options.


200 clay

Tutorial 07: Visit your villageEdit

Introduces inner and outer village buttons.



Tutorial 08: WarehouseEdit

Introduces construction page and construction queue.


24 hours Plus account

Tutorial 09: Rally pointEdit

Describes the basic function of a rally point: troop movement.


2 gold

Tutorial 10: Instant completionEdit

Introduces instant completion button


10 gold

Tutorial 11: AdventureEdit

Introduces adventures.


Instant arrival of the hero at the adventure location.

Tutorial 12: ReportsEdit

Introduces report page.


10 ointments

Tutorial 13: HealingEdit

Introduces consumable items.


20 experience points

Tutorial 14: Interface helpEdit

Introduces main user interface elements.


270 lumber, 300 clay, 270 iron and 220 crop

Tutorial 15: End of tutorialEdit

Introduces the info box.



Alternative taskEdit

Tutorial 15a: Skipped tutorialEdit

Hints to rewards and further tasks.


Level 2 woodcutter, level 1 clay pit, level 2 crop field, level 1 rally point, 24 hours Plus account, 10 gold


Economy 01: Iron mineEdit

Start construction order for iron mine.


1 day 25% production bonus for all resources.

Economy 02: One eachEdit

Upgrade 2 fields of each resource to level 1 or higher.


160 lumber, 190 clay, 150 iron, 70 crop

Economy 03: GranaryEdit

Build a granary.


250 lumber, 290 clay, 100 iron, 130 crop

Economy 04: Everything to oneEdit

Upgrade all resource fields to level 1 or higher.


400 lumber, 460 clay, 330 iron, 270 crop

Economy 05: To twoEdit

Upgrade 1 field of each resource to level 2 or higher.


240 lumber, 255 clay, 190 iron, 160 crop

Economy 06: MarketplaceEdit

Build a marketplace.


600 lumber

Economy 07: TradingEdit

Offer resources on the market or accept an offer.


100 lumber, 99 clay, 99 iron, 99 crop

Economy 08: Everything to twoEdit

Upgrade all resource fields to level 2 or higher.


400 lumber, 400 clay, 400 iron, 200 crop

Economy 09: Warehouse 3Edit

Upgrade your warehouse to level 3 or higher.


620 lumber, 730 clay, 560 iron, 230 crop

Economy 10: Granary 3Edit

Upgrade your granary to level 3 or higher.


880 lumber, 1020 clay, 590 iron, 320 crop

Economy 11: Grain millEdit

Build a grain mill.


880 lumber, 1020 clay, 590 iron, 320 crop

Economy 12: Everything to fiveEdit

Upgrade all resource fields to level 5 or higher.


1 day 25% production bonus for all resources.

World tasksEdit

World 01: StatisticsEdit

Open the statistic page.


90 lumber, 120 clay, 60 iron, 30 crop

World 02: Village nameEdit

Change your village’s name.


Culture points, the amount of which depends on world speed.

World 03: Main building 3Edit

Upgrade main building to level 3 or higher.


170 lumber, 100 clay, 130 iron, 70 crop

World 04: EmbassyEdit

Build an embassy.


215 lumber, 145 clay, 195 iron, 50 crop

World 05: MapEdit

Open the map.


90 lumber, 160 clay, 90 iron, 95 crop

World 06: MessageEdit

Read or delete the IGM from the taskmaster.


280 lumber, 315 clay, 200 iron, 145 crop

World 07: GoldEdit

Purchase the task gold package.


None, but you get that 20 gold that you purchased.

World 07aEdit

Read the advantages of gold features.


20 gold

World 08: AllianceEdit

Join or create an alliance.


295 lumber, 210 clay, 235 iron, 185 crop

World 09: Main building 5Edit

Upgrade the main building to level 5 or higher.


570 lumber, 470 clay, 560 iron, 265 crop

World 10: ResidenceEdit

Build a residence or palace.


525 lumber, 420 clay, 620 iron, 335 crop

World 11: Culture pointsEdit

Open the culture points tab.


650 lumber, 800 clay, 740 iron, 530 crop

World 12: Warehouse 7Edit

Upgrade warehouse to level 7 or higher.


2650 lumber, 2150 clay, 1810 iron, 1320 crop

World 13: Surrounding reportsEdit

Open the surrounding reports page.


800 lumber, 700 clay, 750 iron, 600 crop

World 14: Residence 10Edit

Upgrade residence/palace to level 10 or higher.


Culture points, the amount of which depends on world speed.

World 15: SettlersEdit

Train 3 or more settlers.


1050 lumber, 800 clay, 900 iron, 750 crop

World 16: New villageEdit

Found a new village.

Reward Edit

2 day Travian Plus account.

Battle tasksEdit

Battle 01: Next adventureEdit

Start your second adventure.


30 experience points.

Battle 02: CrannyEdit

Build a cranny.


130 lumber, 150 clay, 120 iron, 100 crop

Battle 03: BarracksEdit

Build a barracks.


110 lumber, 140 clay, 160 iron, 30 crop

Battle 04: Hero levelEdit

Level up your hero, and spend a skill point.


190 lumber, 250 clay, 150 iron, 110 crop

Battle 05: Train troopsEdit

Train 2 or more club swingers, phalanxes, or legionnaires, depending on your race.

Note that the system detects if you own such troops, rather than training. It is possible to receive such troops through adventures of the hero.


1 cage

Battle 06: Wall/PalisadeEdit

Build a wall or palisade, depending on your race.


120 lumber, 120 clay, 90 iron, 50 crop

Battle 07: OasisEdit

Start a raid against an oasis.


2 basic troop units

Battle 08: 10 adventuresEdit

Complete 10 adventures.


500 silver

Battle 09: AuctionsEdit

Start a new auction or bid on an auction.


280 lumber, 120 clay, 220 iron, 110 crop

Battle 10: Barracks 3Edit

Upgrade the barracks to level 3 or higher


440 lumber, 290 clay, 430 iron, 240 crop

Battle 11: AcademyEdit

Build an academy.


210 lumber, 170 clay, 245 iron, 115 crop

Battle 12: Research troopsEdit

Finish researching a troop type.


Wood-small450 Clay-small435 Iron-small515 Crop-small550

Battle 13: SmithyEdit

Build a smithy.


Wood-small500 Clay-small400 Iron-small700 Crop-small400

Battle 14: Upgrade troopsEdit

Finish upgrading a troop type.


10 small bandages

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