By using a Travian Plus Account, a player is given various advantages over other players with standard accounts. A Travian Plus Account grants the following privileges:

Waiting loop for constructions:

The waiting loop enables you to give your builders another order to raise or extend a second building. After completing their first task they will take a 60 second break before starting the second job. This is a very distinct advantage that allows for the player to remain more time away from the game and yet still be active in resource/building development fields.

Larger map:

You can enlarge the map to get a better overview. Instead of 7x7 fields you can have a map of 13x13 fields.

Archive function for reports and messages:

Important reports and messages can be archived and thereby be looked up faster. Additionally, you can choose several messages or reports and archive or delete them at once. Version 3.6 added certain icons to give quick summaries of reports, which used to be exclusive to Plus.

Sorting function for reports and messages:

By clicking "Sent" in the table heading you can reverse the sorting of reports and messages. If you get many messages a day and need to look up older ones you are able to do so very fast with this function. It can also be used in the archives.

Sorting function for the marketplace:

To use the marketplace more efficiently, you can filter the offers for certain resources only. Additionally you can use a ratio filter to only see 1:1 offers.(now free in t4 version)


By using auto-completion you can easily "write" a whole village name by using very few figures. Depending on your preferences you can use this function in any combination for own villages, villages of alliance members or villages of your surroundings.members or villages of your surroundings.

Freely definable direct links:

Thanks to these links, you can reach every page you want with just one click. Just create a link to every destination you want and get directly to your alliance's overview, to your barracks or to the tempting 1:1 offers at the marketplace.

Graphical statistics:

These statistics show you the chronological development of your account, e.g. the ranking, your army's strength or your population's development.

Central village overview:

Anyone who reigns over several villages might easily miss something going on within his realm: where are those troops I built, are all my workers at work or are some of them lazy, do I lose resources because one of my warehouses isn't big enough? Just take a look at your central village overview and you can check out all your villages at once. If you own more than one village you can reach the central village overview by clicking "Villages" directly above the list of your villages. This is a very useful and time-efficient advantage for Plus users, especially veterans.


Paper and pencil aren't always at hand. In order to make sure not to forget important things or if you simply want to take a few notes, just use your notebook.

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