Not to be confused with Nature troops.

In the Classic version, the Natars arrive in Travian 260 days after a server begins (90 on speed servers) and hold the key to the building of Wonders, known as artifacts. A descriptive endgame guide is available here. The Natars are very strong, and large attack forces are needed to capture most things guarded by the Natars.

History Edit

The Natars was the name of the alliance between the multi-hunters and the administrators on com1 (then running v2). Upon release of the plans for the Wonders of the World, it was announced that the Natars, referring to the server's staff team, may not necessarily reply during that stage of the game.

Later, Natars was used as the name of the player who had the construction plans for the World Wonder. This classy player had a few thousand Gaul troops reinforcing their village. It was in v3 that the Natarian tribe became distinct from the playable tribes, with its own units.

Troops Edit

Natarian troops may number in the tens of thousands per type. Natarians have:

Natar attributes

These are the Natarian troops attributes according to

Gameplay Notes Edit

Natarian troops' stats are clearly superior compared to the three playable tribes. However, they are not playable and in fact, up to T3.6, they do not attack anyone. Hence, most players do not care about their attacking power.

Nevertheless, players need to attack Natarian villages for artifacts and wonders. Therefore, their superior defence and large number of troops in the villages is a challenge for players.

At some points in the game, the Natars will send scouts to all villages in the server. Do not worry! They will not attack you. The scouts are just to inform you that the Natars are coming.

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