Travian T4 runs on dozens of servers catering for many languages. The following list - not to be considered complete - shows this wiki's page reference, if any, followed by the full URL and other detail. The page name is generally the abbreviation that the game shows in title bars (but initial-capitalised here because wiki pages do that automatically).

Please feel free to start an article about another server, commencing with an edit to, or addition of, its entry on this page. At the bottom of each such page, please ensure that it is categorised by [[Category:servers]]

For an overview of which international servers are available, see the article about Travian in other languages.

To find out when servers are restarting, see Servers restarting.


Travian Speed

Server start time: 03/02/2014 12:00 Speed 150x

Australia/New Zealand
United States/Canada (all servers are using v3.6)
United Kingdom (At least UK1, UK3 and UK6 are using T4)

Other Languages[]

Sweden (all servers are using v3.6)


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