Infantry are the foot soldiers, and have lower speed than the mounted Cavalry. The defensive capabilities of Travian units vary between infantry and cavalry. If sufficient strength of force can be mustered, the lower speed of infantry units makes them a good accompanying force for siege weapons, as the speed of cavalry would be wasted.

To begin using infantry units, a Rally point and Barracks are required, and only the lowest infantry unit can be made without further research.

All infantry have an upkeep cost of one crop or wheat per hour, compared to 2, 3, or 4 for cavalry units.

Each race has a different group of infantry units, with different strengths and weaknesses..

Roman Edit

Romans have three infantry units, the lowest being the all-round Legionnaire, then the defensive Praetorian, and finally the best attacker, the Imperian.

Teuton Edit

Teutons have three regular infantry units, the lowest being the attacking Clubswinger or Maceman, then the defensive Spearman, and finally the attacking / all-rounder Axeman.

Teutonic Scouts are also infantry, and are trained from barracks (not the stable as with other tribes) and consume 1 crop/hour.

Gaul Edit

Gauls have only two infantry units, the lowest being all-round defender, the Phalanx, and the strong attacking Swordsman.