An in-game message or IGM is a message you send or receive using the right-hand part of the fifth icon at the top of every Travian page.

If you are in an alliance and have been given the power, you can type "[ally]" in the "To" section and get the message sent to every other member. Every one will show separately in your list of "Sent" messages.

If you send too many messages without using the [ally] feature, you will receive an AntiSpam warning and be unable to send any further messages for 10 minutes.

IGMs drop off the list eventually, but you can preserve the important ones by copying to your alliance forum or an off-site file, and with the "pay" feature Plus Account you have the option to archive them.

Messages about villages Edit

Player names aren't easy to look up in the stats. It takes copy, click, scroll, paste, click, click.

So anyone sending a message about a player or a village should try to save the reader(s) some time, like this: You have the following right in front of you:

  • coordinates of one of the player's villages; and/or
  • the URL of the player's profile;

- paste one or both into the message, saving every reader those six operations.

An even better option for the sender of a message mentioning more than one village is to paste into the message the table of villages at the bottom of the profile, so that readers can see, without having to look it up themselves, where the villages are and which villages are the closest; and they can review the list easily as long as the message remains.

IGM Address Book Edit

You can put players in the IGM address book found by clicking the icon of friends. This icon is to the right of the Recipient: line in the Compose message page. Type the name of your friend and click save. If your friend also saves your name in their address book, both of you could see when the other is online.

Message Text Formatting Edit

After a player joins the game, a welcome message is send to him. This message comes from the "Team" account and contains hyperlinks, bold and italic text. If the player click on the 'Reply' button, the message source is revealed containing <b>, <i> and <a href...> HTML syntax in the text. But when the player sends such messages, the HTML tags remain in the text, and everything is visible instead of being parsed. Obviously the players are allowed to send only plain text messages.