World Wonder construction plans are essential to build a World Wonder. Please note that the World Wonder can only be built on the site of Natar villages. World Wonder Construction Plans can be stolen from the Natars by attacking a Natarian Village.

In order to obtain the plan, you must:

  1. Clear all the nature/natar troops of the Village
  2. The Hero must survive in the battle because only a Hero can carry a WW Construction Plan.
  3. Have a level 10 Treasure Chamber in the village from where you sent your hero.

The main points to be noted are :

  • You must launch a normal attack not a raid

to obtain the plan.

  • It allows you to build Great Warehouse and Great Granary which have better resource holding capacity but they also need a Main Building level 10. However, these can only be built in Natar villages (or if you hold a storage artifact - on some servers, pre-T4).
  • With one Construction Plan you can build your WW up to lvl 49. In order to build WW from lvl 50 all the way to lvl 100, another player from your alliance must have a second WW Construction Plan.

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