Clan II was an alliance on Com3 (2007-08). Its founding members were all Welsh and friends, but it grew by inviting neighbours and soon had about 40 members in six clusters.

Regrettably, some big alliances decided to attack Clan II, and its dispersed nature made defence a little difficult.

In April 2008 its biggest member (not Welsh) was invited to join 13WW, whose recruiter believed that it would win the server.

In May things got a bit nasty - this was the news report just after the biggest member had had his third village conquered:

Alliance events

Event Date
has left the alliance. 08/05/11 10:00
has left the alliance. 08/05/09 13:00
s3WC-N4 has declared war on Clan II. 08/05/04 11:19
S3WC-S1 has declared war on Clan II. 08/05/04 07:02
Liquidity has left the alliance. 08/05/01 18:26
has left the alliance. 08/04/29 14:00
has left the alliance. 08/04/26 12:00
Clan II and PLUR joined a confederation. 08/04/22 19:19
has left the alliance. 08/04/19 13:00
has left the alliance. 08/04/18 14:00
has left the alliance. 08/04/17 15:00
has left the alliance. 08/04/12 11:31
sab has joined the alliance. 08/04/07 01:12
Pensioner has invited sab into the alliance. 08/04/07 00:39
has left the alliance. 08/04/06 00:41
dantwlz has left the alliance. 08/04/04 08:25

Still a significant-sized alliance at that stage:

Rank: 131. Points: 16781 Members: 13 Forum Manager Pensioner Recruiter busyoteef


Alliances allied to us (or, to use modern terminology, "in confederation with us"): DO NOT ATTACK OR SCOUT ANY MEMBER!


Confederacies: PLUR HB2 BMW2 G.A.A. OMEN s3WC-K14 1013-PHE •Black• s3WC~BAB [ASHOKA] Tamia 13th Bold XD s3WC-13B CFT SSE F.S.M CSA CER-TTR Clan III OV s3WC~WOJ Uchia s3WC-HB1 TH TTR-CER SSL R.P.K.


Alliances with which we have Non-Aggression Pacts: same advice as for allies!!




At war with: -

.:*:.THE CLAN.:*:. We are a friendly bunch, for the most part anyway. But we won't take kindly to our members being farmed or attacked. All our members are family and/or friends and so we stick together.

.:*:.Our Wing.:*:. Our wing/ally is Clan III.

.:*:.Allies or NAPs.:*:. If your alliance wishes to become an ally/confederate of ours or have a NAP, please discuss with Pensioner or SmellySheep. If you have any further questions or if they all do not respond within 24 hours, then contact sab.

.:*:.SITTERS.:*:. If anyone is in need of a sitter? (In other words, someone to look after your village while you're offline for a weekend or holidays etc.) Please contact SmellySheep, or LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE FORUM. Best to have one sitter arranged well in advance of emergencies.

.:*:.SPIES.:*:. Any player found to be spying or having outside personal allegiances that might detrimentally affect our alliance may be kicked, attacked, and/or used as a farm.

.:*:.NEW Membership.:*:. If you are wishing to join our happy band of misfits, then please contact busyoteef or SmellySheep. We welcome active players with over 200 population and willingness to contribute the very small weekly tax for the common good. In exchange, you get loads of information about villages you should or should not raid, and you may get occasional physical help (such as a few hundred level-20 phalanxes) in an emergency.

We have two main territories: about half of us are around founder dean booboo, but a strong north-east wing is around steveviper (with its own north-east offshoot dominated by dantwlz at 244|-10). There is a small group in the south-east (dangerous dan and kije11).

If you are near any of those, you could be well served by joining us!

.:*:.News Reports:*:. If you have any news that needs to be shared - e.g. attacks on you or just empty villages, then please add it to a forum so that it is more permanent than messages. You are welcome to send a copy to your friends in the alliance if it could be important that they notice it ASAP.

.:*:.Def/Att Advice.:*:. If you need ANY advice on attack or defence then contact Busyotoof. See for more ideas.

.:*:.Clan Requirements.:*:. The requirements are simple:

1. Pay the weekly army taxes (described elsewhere).

2. Do NOT attack another member of our alliance (except as described below or in the forums) OR those of our allies/confederates or NAPs!

3. If you go inactive for more than 3 days (RED dot) you may be written to and questioned. If you go GREY without a good reason YOU WILL BE FARMED (and you may be kicked unless Busyotoof has been told why)!!! This is to prevent your resources getting wasted or going to enemies.

4. If you decide to leave the alliance to join another or be independent, then you MUST pay us with whatever resources we ask for at that time. You MUST ask for permission to leave; if you do not, you may be attacked (as a potentially dangerous spy with untold amounts of military intelligence stolen from our forum) and your new alliance leader will be informed.

5. If you must leave the whole game, please DO NOT CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT or resign from the alliance but DO appoint two sitters and send all your troops (as Reinforcements) to a friend so that your former buddies can easily farm your village while it remains (and can have an advantage over outside raiders).

6. And the most important Rule of all: ENJOY.

 	Player 	Population 	Villages	 

1. Pensioner 4690 10 [online] 2. sab 2017 3 [max. 24h] 3. Nadrion 1854 3 [max. 24h] 4. Something Fishy 1817 3 [inactive] 5. amnesiac 1434 3 [max. 24h] 6. Jakkey88 1006 4 [inactive] 7. SmellySheep 840 3 [max. 24h] 8. busyoteef 786 2 [inactive] 9. dracula221 763 3 [inactive] 10. Steveviper 655 2 [inactive] 11. margo.zn 379 2 [max. 3 days] 12. kije11 275 1 [inactive] 13. Ramben 265 1