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Celebrations (called 'parties' on some servers) are held in the Town Hall. There are two kinds of celebrations; Small Celebrations and Great Celebrations (called Tea Parties and Grand Balls on some servers). To hold a Great Celebration, the Town Hall must be level 10 or above.

Celebrations help produce culture points in addtion to the culture your buildings have. In the early stages of a server, this extra culture can eclipse your natural culture point production, effectively doubling (or even more) your culture point production.

Great celebrations come at a great cost of resources and take longer than a small celebration; they provide less culture per resource than Small Celebrations. However, Great Celebrations produce more culture per hour than the Small Celebrations. Great Celebrations also give an additional 5% defense bonus against chief attacks during the celebration. Chiefs sent from a village already holding a Great Celebration will also gain 5% attack bonus.

If you have a lot of spare resources celebrations, especially Great Celebrations are a way to keep your resources from maxing out while still providing benefit.