You can have multiple villages, but one and only one capital village. To change the capital (which is the first village by default) one must build a palace in the desired village (a level 1 palace is enough) and choose to make it the capital village (since you could only have one palace, you need to demolish your existing palace if you have built it somewhere else).

Unique characteristics Edit

  • The capital village is the only village where you can upgrade resource fields above level 10 (up to theoretically unlimited level). All other villages' resource fields could only be upgraded up to level 10.
  • You can only build a Stonemason in your Capital.
  • Your capital cannot be conquered by a Chieftain/Chief/Senator. However, it could be destroyed (population reduced to 0) if the player has more than one village, however this does not then give the player who has reduced it to zero the ability to then settle on it. The village will remain with zero population until the player is physically removed from the server.
  • Great Barracks/Great Stable cannot be built in the capital village.
  • When a user has purchased the Gold Club, only troops in the capital village may dodge attacks. Other villages do not have this capability.

Where to build? Edit

Where to put his/her capital is usually an important strategic decision of any Travian players because capital is costly to move (cost of demolish/rebuild palace, cost of resource fields' upgrades, etc.) The consensus among experienced players is to select a cropper as the capital. The reasons are:

  • Due to higher upgrades for resource fields, capital village usually has much higher resource production when compared to other villages.
  • Building a capital village takes long time and in late stage, the only scarce resource is crop, all other resources are abundant. Hence, it is important to maximize crop production.
  • Due to oases and buildings, crop production could be increased up to 225% while other resource productions could only be increased by 125%.

What to build? Edit