Artifacts are special items that are introduced at mid-game and give significant bonus to their owners in mid-to-late game. Artifacts are categorized into 8 types, each gives different bonus to each owner. In each type, there are three levels: Small, Large and Unique. Small artifacts affect only the village that owns the artifact. Large artifacts affect every villages the owners have. Unique artifacts also affects every one of a player's villages, but with a greater gain. All artifacts are stored in Treasury. A level 10 Treasury is needed for a Small artifact and a level 20 Treasury is needed for Large or Unique artifact.


  • The exact time for releasing artifacts is different for each server and is determined by the admin. It is usually around halfway through the server duration. The exact time is published to all players beforehand for preparation.
  • When released, each artifact is kept in a Natarian village whose name describes its artifact. Regardless of the artifact level, the Treasury in the Natarian village is always at level 20.
  • The defense at the Natarian village is dependent on the current troop in the server and the level of the artifact. Unique artifacts have most defense, Large artifacts have medium and Small artifacts have least.
  • After the artifact is captured, the Natarian village is always deleted.
  • Natarian artifact villages are NOT uniformly distributed on the server. Unique artifacts are located densely around the center of the map. Large artifacts are located farther from center and less dense. Finally, small artifacts are farthest and sparsely distributed among the people of Travian.

How to Capture[]

There are two methods to capture an artifact, either from Natarian or from other players: stealing or chiefing.

Steal the Artifact[]

  • To steal an artifact means to destroy its Treasury and send a successful attack (NOT raid) with the hero. The hero must survive the attack to steal the artifact. The catapult wave to destroy the Treasury and the hero wave can be the same.
  • Moreover, the village from which the hero is sent must have a Treasury with adequate level (10 for Small artifact, 20 for Large/Unique artifact)

Chief the Artifact[]

  • To chief an artifact means to chief the Natarian village holding the artifact. The process is exactly identical to normal chiefing.
  • After successful chiefing, the player would gain both the village and the artifact inside that village. The effect of chiefing still applies (all buildings lose one level). However, there are nothing in those villages besides the Treasury.

Type of Artifacts and their Bonus[]

Note that the name here applies for international server. Each national server may have different name subjective to language translation. Small artifacts apply their bonus/ability to the village holding that artifact only. Large/Unique artifacts apply their bonus/ability to all village in the account. In both cases, the bonus applies only after the 24 hour (for 1x speed servers) waiting period is expired.

Stronger buildings[]

The buildings are more durable against attacks by catapults and rams. Does not count for the Wonder of the World, but the account wide and unique type count for all other buildings in the Wonder of the World village.

  • Small – 4 times as durable
  • Large – 3 times as durable
  • Unique – 5 times as durable

Faster troops[]

Travel faster.

  • Small – 2 times faster
  • Large – 1.5 times faster
  • Unique – 2 times faster

Better spies[]

The Scouts, Equites Legati and Pathfinders are better at spying, and defending against spy attacks. All scouts in the village/account as well as all scouts sent for spying from this village/account are affected. Additionally, you can see the type of troops attacking you at your rally point, but not the amount of troops.

  • Small – 5 times as effective.
  • Large – 3 times as effective
  • Unique – 10 times as effective

Less hungry troops[]

The troops consume less crop.

  • Small –50% reduction in crop consumption
  • Large –  25% reduction in crop consumption
  • Unique – 50% reduction in crop consumption

Faster troop training[]

The troops are trained faster.

  • Small – 50 % reduction in training time
  • Large – 25 % reduction in training time
  • Unique – 50 % reduction in training time 

Great warehouse or great granary plan[]

Grants ability to build great warehouse or great granary.

Cranny + random aim[]

Artefact raises cranny capacity and additionally causes enemy catapult attacks to fire randomly. World wonder can always be targeted and hit.

  • Small – Cranny capacity increased by 200x. Treasury can be targeted and hit.
  • Large – Cranny capacity increased by 100x. Treasury can be targeted and hit.
  • Unique – Cranny capacity increased by 500x.

Artefact of the fool[]

This artefact changes its effect every 24 hours, and can get any of the effects of other artefacts, except the storage plan. Also the effect scope is randomly decided between account and village wide every 24 hours.

Normal artefact of this type may get also negative effects, for example troops might get slower, or they might consume more food. Unique artefact of this type may only get positive effects, but the magnitude of the effect is still random. It might grant speed increase of factor of 1.01 for example.

  • Normal – Also negative effects are possible.
  • Unique – Only positive effects are possible.

[Note: No large or small because the scope is randomly decided every 24 hours]

Some Further Notes[]

  • Any individual player can at most have only one Large or Unique artifact active at a time
  • Any individual player can only have three artefacts at the same time active
  • There is no limit to the amount of small artefacts a player could have in their possession
  • Players may own more than one account or unique artifact by conquering villages that already hold them but only the three oldest artifacts will function
  • Artifacts will only start operating 24 hours after they are captured
  • Moving artifacts between your own villages counts as capturing and so will reset the 24 hour timer
  • All records for artifacts are shown in the Treasury
  • Small artifact bonuses will override the bonus of any account or unique artifact of the same type for the village it is in
  • Uncaptured artifacts in Natarian villages are deactivated
  • An artifact village that is completely destroyed will remain on the map so long as the artifact is not stolen.