Adventures are assignments for your Hero to gain experience.

Aside from the experience, adventures offer a chance for rewards such as silver, troops, loot or Items. They will also lose an amount of life.

Adventures come in two grades: normal and difficult. Difficult adventures gives more experience but also more damage. If you get enough experience, your Hero will rise one level. You will then get 4 skill points to delegate to the four skills (Fighting Strength, Offense Bonus, Defense Bonus, and Resources). The experience bar can be seen in the Hero's profile, under the life bar.

When an adventure is assigned to you, it will have a time limit as to how long you have to send your Hero to the adventure. This is 168 hours, or one week.

You will recieve 3 adventures upon creating an account, and then a daily amount:

1x speed server:

  • Day 0 - 3: 3 adventures per day
  • Day 4 - 16: 2 adventures per day
  • Day 17 - 62: 1.5 adventures per day
  • Day 63 - end of server: 1 adventure per day

3x speed server:

  • Day 0: 9 adventures
  • Day 1 - 4: 6 adventures per day
  • Day 5 - 20: 4.5 adventures per day
  • Day 21 - end of server: 3 adventures per day  
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