A 9-cropper

A 9-cropper village, also known as a 9c, is a village with 9 wheat fields. A 9-cropper or 9c is a less extreme wheat producer compared to a 15-cropper, but still highly valued for supporting the wheat demand of a large army. These villages produce crop more efficiently than normal villages because they have more crop fields ,and the increased production given by the two bonus buildings (Flour Mill and Bakery) and oases are applied to a larger base of crop production


A 9-cropper looks like an empty tile on the map, with no trees or anything else on it.

They are rare compared to the standard 6 or 7 crop field villages, which come in various combinations in 3.5. Croppers are often referred to by the quality of their available oases. The best type are referred to as 150%, and have three 50% crop bonus oases in range. There are often no more than a dozen on the server, and much sought after. These are usually taken quickly because they are important for sustaining a large military force which requires a lot of feeding.

Crop Production Potential (Normal Server) Edit

Fully Upgraded (level 10 crop fields) Normal City

Bonus Type Production*
No Bonus 1,800
W/Bakery&Grain Mill 2,700
25% Oasis bonus 3,150
50% Oasis bonus 3,600
75% Oasis bonus 4,050
100% Oasis bonus 4,500
125% Oasis bonus 4,950
150% Oasis bonus 5,400

Fully Upgraded (level 19 crop fields) Capital City

Bonus Type Production*
No Bonus 18,000
W/Bakery&Grain mill 27,000
25% Oasis bonus 31,500
50% Oasis bonus 36,000
75% Oasis bonus 40,500
100% Oasis bonus 45,000
125% Oasis bonus 49,500
150% Oasis bonus 54,000

*Note: These productions are not possible because the population of the city lowers the total production of the city by the total population. Therefore, the total production you see in the tables above should have subtracted from them the total population of your city. The remainder of that subtraction is the total crop production that can be used to sustain troops. For example, if your city's population is 1000, your fully upgraded 9 cropper with 150% oasis bonus can produce 5,400 - 1,000 = 4,400 crop for troops. Please note that any village that is selected to be your capital (1st village by default) can have crop fields and resource fields extended over level 10 but to build past level 14 or so you will need more than warehouse and granary to hold enough resources to build the more expensive higher levels. e.g.:

Current production: 490 per hour
Production at level 12: 656 per hour

Costs for upgrading to level 12: 19725 | 25360 | 19725 | 5635 | 1 | 14:36:30 Extend warehouse first.