{{delete}} 007th was a small alliance on com5 (2007-08). It was founded by Bandung resident valkyrie007 in response to unprovoked attacks by fallacy and others.

At its height it had nearly 20 players, with ranking approaching 200, and about 25 confederations. It did much better than a nearby alliance "NRE", founded by PyrAnima on an expansionist model, which started declining in January 2008 and ended up as a few farms for 007th and others after the remaining members joined 007th.

However, destruction by the said fallacy and Calian and Jogosh and a few others proved too much for continued expansion. 007th's biggest player, Pensioner, reached seven villages before being so badly damaged that he gave Jogosh an ultimatum: "one more catapult and I close this account". Jogosh took it seriously for a week then came back.

One of the later-joining members (formerly a farm owner) was johny the Greek. His one village was destroyed by fallacy in April 2008.

Here's the alliance page a few days after johny died:

Name: Dai Gurren Dan
Tag: 007th
Rank: 337.
Points: 3016
Members: 4
Alliance founder valkyrie007

Notices for all members

- Activeness -

Our policy about activeness is:

  • Blue = great satisfaction
  • Green = satisfaction
  • Yellow = nothing (but if it is two planned days away you should have arranged a Sitter)
  • Red = warning (PLEASE ASK on our Forum for a Sitter if you know you will be away)
  • Gray = almost kick (and we may raid you to stop outsiders taking much)
- Alliance Forums -

Would every member please visit our Forums every day and contribute at least twice a week so that we can see that we are a team. Ask Pensioner if you have any problems using the Forums.

Scouting - please record full details of all scouting you do, in the appropriate Forum. (Don't leave it for someone else to do: reports drop off the alliance attacks list too fast.)

- Embassy -

Embassy building costs resources but will be necessary for us to grow. Please be ready to send your share to valkyrie007.



At war with: -

We would like to have an alliance with every alliance that is bigger than we are and with many that are smaller. If that's yours, please talk to Pensioner.

The 007th alliance is primarily for defensive purposes to facilitate efficient growth. However, most of us cooperate to raid inactive players because they are wasting space. If we raid you but you are active, prove it and we may desist.

PS - we had 40 days of "mourning" for our departed adversary, Vashna! Now then, Jogosh, how's your health? Some of those attacks are costing you much more than you gain, and are therefore not good business!

Player Population Villages

  1. shalogent 1247 3
  2. valkyrie007 700 2
  3. eTart 572 2
  4. rordacki 497 1